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* Civil Action #8500 pdf file from Neil Keenan (114 pages)
* CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny (updated 12 Dec 2011)

By Benjamin Fulford
November 24th, 2011

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.

The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009. After the bonds were stolen, self-described 33rd degree Freemason Leo Zagami contacted this writer and said the Montecarlo P2 masonic lodge could cash the bonds with the help of Vatican banker Daniel Dal Bosco. This writer forwarded the information, via a member of the UK Royal family, to the dragon family who entrusted a further $1 trillion worth of similar bonds to the plaintiff Neil Keenan. Keenan then, after much negotiation, entrusted the bonds to Dal Bosco.

Dal Bosco subsequently absconded with the bonds and was followed 24-hours a day by various intelligence service agents to see what he would do with them. The Dal Bosco trail led to the Davos World forum, the UN, the Italian government and the Vatican, among other places. Following this, Keenan was approached by a who’s who of powerful figures including top Vatican officials, Wall Street bankers, European nobles and former US presidents, most offering him astronomical bribes to go away. He was also poisoned with ricin and nearly killed.

According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals.”

Many of the bonds seized by Dal Bosco are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners.

Other bonds seized were Kennedy bonds. These bonds were backed by gold held in trust for the people of the planet and were supposed to be used to finance the economic development of the world. Instead they have mostly been stolen and misused by members of the cabal that has seized control of the Western financial system on behalf of private interests.

The original signatory to the Kennedy bonds was former Indonesian President Soekarno. Soekarno’s heir Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto has given Keenan power of attorney to return their rightful owners the Kennedy bonds and other property allocated to the people of the world via something known as the global collateral accounts.

The lawsuit is only the first salvo in a legal battle to restore control of the global financial system to the people and governments of the world as well as the rightful owners of historical assets that have been seized by members of the banking cartel.

The lawsuit has been filed as Civil Action #8500 at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on November 23, 2011.

Background information on the problems with the global financial system

By Neil Keenan and Keith Scot.

The entire cause of the problem.

The United States is a private corporation owned by the British Crown (Rothchilds), the Bank of England (Rothchilds) and the Vatican (Rothchilds again). It was previously called the Virginia Company until 3/9/33 when it was dissolved by Roosevelt under the Emergency Banking Act. On 5/5/33 Congress elected to dissolve the Gold Standard and Sovereign Authority of the U.S. and all of its official capacities including government offices, departments and officers. The U.S. is a corporation, not a nation. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a private counterfeiting organization run by Jewish bankers who lend the money they print out of thin air at interest while we keep on paying these criminals to fleece the People.

That technology of theft and deception that has been exported from the United States through their promotion of this fraud as the paradigm of global finance is an obscenity that has set the seeds of its own destruction.

This has been compounded by the refusal of ordinary people to realize, know and understand that it is the duplicity of Governments and the deceit and endless greed of bankers that combined to simply fleece them like the apathetic sheep they are. Apathy and ignorance of the truth, creates belief in the lie. The truth is self-evident, but most people choose to neither hear it nor understand it. The debts of the Federal Reserve are the debts of a private corporation that is robbing the people of the United States.

The United States Dollar is a Federal Reserve Note and the obligations against the currency are the obligations of the Federal Reserve, not the people of the United States.

Understanding the History

1. Between 1927 and 1938, under arrangements made between T.V.Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. During this period China was partly occupied by Japanese troops and there was the fear of China being overrun by the Japanese.

2. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals. The surrendered precious metals and gemstones were sent to the United States under a lease agreement made between T.V. Soong and Henry Morgenthau. The Certificates became the underlying funds of the Kuomintang and were good and accepted securities.

3. In 1934 a new Securities Act was promulgated in the United States, together with the Gold Act, which required all bullion gold and gold coin to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve, a private corporation chartered to operate as the Central Bank of the United States and to be the issuer of the currency known as the United States Dollar.

4. Domestically owned gold was purchased. Foreign Gold held by the Treasury was also surrendered to the Federal Reserve, so, was leased to the Federal Reserve. This began the series 1934 Notes issued by the Federal Reserve. These have never been redeemed and the interest cost was met by further issuances of the 1934 series FRN’s.

5. These 1934 FRN’s guarantee the lease payments and to allow the Chinese Government to continue financially. These came under the control of the Kuomintang, the Nationalist Government in China from whom the Gold had been received. Many were left in China when the Kuomintang had to flee to Taiwan. The Gold had been nationalized by the Kuomintang who moved much of the FRN’s (but not all) to Taiwan which was built on these notes. These Notes were the underlying wealth of Taiwan and they were good for value as they were backed by gold.

6. During the war in China, most owners of the depository notes issued by Chinese Banks were killed by the Japanese, others later being killed by both the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communists, thus the Gold became property of the Nation, especially so, the Kuomintang. In Europe, Jews who had owned wealth were stripped of that wealth through various means and were then eliminated. The gold was taken either by stealth or by force, that is a reality of history.

7. The Kuomintang appointed guardians of this Gold and the securities issued by the United States; they are euphemistically known as the Dragon Family. The Dragon Family is in fact an organization that operates between old families within China and Taiwan, and as such is above the political divide of the two independent Chinese Governments. Chinese are remarkable in this regard, that old family ties and functions supercede political arrangements which, though they might last for generations, are regarded as inconsequential over the passage of time to most Chinese. Attached to this is the wealth of several nations. The United States in support of the Kuomintang and resistance groups actually printed more of these FRN notes inside China itself. These operations were run by the CIA to buy loyalty of various factions in the fight against the communists, eventually being driven out into Burma around 1960. Largely due to the additional printing of these notes, the additional Notes were given in lieu of interest, but directed to specific persons and parties.

8 At the end of the World War II, with Communist and Kuomintang factions at war in China, the International Community and the Chinese assented to the Gold being placed under the overt control of Indonesian President Soekarno. Soekarno then, on August 17, 1945, came to be known as M1 under United Nations Approval No. MISA 81704 “Operation Heavy Freedom. This was because much of the world’s gold had been delivered into Indonesia and the Philippines. Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and other British Colonies sent their gold to the so called “impregnable Singapore” The Japanese, as per the arrangements agreed to by Hirohito in the 1921 Pact Between Nations made in London, delivered much of this gold to Indonesia (Then a Dutch Colony) and to Philippines (Then a US Colony) into secret bunkers that had been mostly constructed by the Japanese between 1924 and 1945. This is why the Allied troops in Malaya had no air cover or sufficient supplies to that would have allowed them to resist the Japanese. Singapore had to fall so most of the global wealth could be “lost” into a secret system that made the gold standard redundant and fiat currencies a reality.

This gold was documented into accounts through the Swiss Commercial Bank Union Bank of Switzerland, placed under protection of the Swiss Attorney General, registered through the Swiss National Bank into the Bank for International Settlements International Collateral Combined accounts and then from within the BIS, blocked to form the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal Reserve System.

Later President Marcos of the Philippines was appointed and held the position of M1 until 1987 and then the position was transferred to Dr. Ray C. Dam, in October of 1987, under Legal Decadency to Heir RCD1087 Far East Entire with formal Power of Attorney and Assignment of Indonesian Assets signed by Sarinah Soetiwi (holder of the assets on behalf of the Nation of Indonesia as assigned by President Soekarno) in 1992, Dam’s authority later promulgated January 20, 1995. Dam proved to be impossible for the entire system to work with, (either because he refused to allow those who placed him in authority to steal, or because of his personal arrogance…. Difficult to know which is correct) and his authority over the Institutional parent registration Accounts set aside and the system reverted to the three Nations who had controlled these accounts since World war II, United States, Great Britain and France, who systematically and illegally subverted the established system since 1996.

9. From this we can see that there are two functional operations. One was ownership and Depository control by the owners of the Gold and the other a control system set in place to administer and control the Collateral Combined Accounts as an independent Arbiter. Ownership rights are held by the signatory to the Depository Accounts in Commercial Banks and Control Rights have been held by M1.

10. So it was, that the entire world supply of bullion and coinage gold was withdrawn and fiat currencies became the order of the day. However, underneath the notes and money issued by the Federal Reserve was the underlying wealth within a centralized system that Nations was intended to be used equitably, but Bankers determined they would use to raid national economies.

11. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy entered into an Agreement with President Soekarno to provide the funds to allow the United States Treasury to print its own currency, thus subverting the “right” to print the currency held by the Federal Reserve. The Agreement would have transferred some 59,000 tons of gold to underpin this currency. The problem with this was that the US domestic currency would have then been backed by gold which would have been a violation of international agreements meant to stabilize currencies. 11 days after signing this agreement, President Kennedy was assassinated. President Johnson the suspended EO11110 as issued by Kennedy and transferred the bullion to the Federal Reserve. The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968 when Soekarno fell from office and when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global Currency. As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in 1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made between Kennedy and Soekarno, the 1968 terms of the gold delivery to the United States being different than made in 1934. When after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, a reissue of the bonds in an increased number were issued as commemorative notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold, the Dragon Family.

12. From copies of Bank documents received by Neil Keenan, within the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, the funds the amounts of gold and platinum are specified. These amounts of gold are certificated and the certificates and ledger copies with full and exact identification and recognition codes are available. These certificates are further proven by the bank reports, copies of which are now held by Neil Keenan. The truth of these instruments can be vigorously defended through documentation in our hands and further through interrogation of the Black Screens where the off ledger collateral is held, together with an interrogation of the grey and blue screens where we will find enormous fraud from the illegal use of these assets.

13. In the few documents we present with this complaint we can see that the assets have been deposited, the counter-assets created and presented to the depositors, the depositors have been cheated for over 70 years through the intentional and fraudulent failure of the Obligor to honor the Agreements.

14. In recent weeks we have come into possession of the books and records of the late President Soekarno, and all the codes and ledgers of the Global Accounts. The size of these accounts can be seen by reviewing the Collective Agreement between the Garuda Memorial Hilton Indonesia and the Green Memorial Hilton Geneva, established, structured and made operational between 1961 and final signature in 1972. Under this Agreement the assets of the international collateral combined were established and brought forward, then, within a short period of time misused to change the operating systems of banks.

15. Reviewing these books, we can now see that Banks set aside the notion of operating under the Charters they hold as banks, instead of being Banks they became like very poor casino operators and traders, selling what they do not own. The records in our possession, signed and registered by the receiving and managing commercial bank, show the underlying funds in numbers and amounts that stagger the imagination. The Green Hilton and Garuda Memorial Agreements demonstrate clearly the value of the global account system.

a) Gold and Platinum Deposits ran into millions of tons.

b) 1934 series Federal Reserve System Bonds, Notes issued in 1928 , Kennedy Bonds ran into Quadrillions of US Dollars, Dragon Bonds are all recorded and acknowledged within the Green Hilton and Memorial Hilton Collective Agreements. Both Assets in the form of Bullion surrendered to the Global Accounts through the United States Government and then entrusted to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve System.

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Mau dibawa negeri ini, dimana pejabat negara sudah tidak mampu lagi menangani kasus korupsi contoh kecil yang dilakukan oleh para oknum pajak seperti Gayus, belum lagi ulah para dalang intelektual  dibalik melenggangnya mengobok-obok instansi pemerintahan negara ini seperti BLBI,CENTURY etc, dan tidak mungkin suatu saat pasti akan beraksi kembali dengan segala kelihaian dan kecerdikannya menggerogoti negara ini. Dan apabila para pihak yang berwenang masih ketakutan karena urusan “perut” serta buaian sikap hidup hedonismnya belum dikebiri ulah-ulah seperti Gayus ini akan tetap dan terus berlangsung.

Mungkin bukan hanya saya yang geram melihat ulah Gayus dan para sindikatnya termasuk oknum pemerintahan negara ini. Tapi mungkin ada benarnya apabila ada istilah buat para pejabat yang duduk dipemerintahan negara ini “bagaimana mengurusi negara mengurusi cabe saja tidak bisa”.

Sebagai rakyat mulai sekarang hendaknya lebih cerdas untuk memilih para pemimpinya bila perlu tidak usah memilih apabila meragukan akan kepemimpinannya. Demokrasi apa sebenarnya yang di usung setelah reformasi ini demokrasi kadang kebo kah? Kebo apabila sudah dicocok hidungnya akan menuruti kata tuannya walaupun menderita karena ulah seenaknya pemiliknya. Maukah kita seperti itu? Saya rasa tidak!!

Keadaan negara bagaimana pemimpinnya, dan sosok seorang pemimpin bagaimana kecerdasan rakyat yang memilihnya. Jangan lagi terbuai dengan janji-janji para pemimpin dan para calon pemimpin negeri ini yang makin banyak berbusa yang akan menginjak-injak kepala kita, sebagai rakyat sekali lagi harus “CERDAS”.

Jadi seorang pejabat haruslah atas dasar pengabdian bukan ingin merampok karena urusan ”PERUT” dan kasta hidup. Anda para pejabat aparat pemerintah dibayar oleh keringat kami bukan dari uangnya “mbahmu” anda semua harus ingat itu. Anda bekerja, makan dan menikmati hidup salah satunya karena kami bayar pajak, orang bijak taat pajak tapi orang BEJAT orang yang makan dengan memanupulasi pajak, tidakkah para aparat instansi pemerintah ini sadar akan hal ini.

Saya juga tidak menutup mata, tidak semua para buruh dipemerintahan bermoral BEJAT tapi bagaimana kondisinya apabila perbandingannya 1 : 10 ditambah apabila kita tidak berani dan bertindak cerdas melakukan sesuatu untuk negeri ini kearah yang lebih baik…….?

Semua ada pada pilihan anda……!!! Pilihan anda menunjukkan siapa anda!!!

Liga Perdana LPI

Setelah diwarnai perang dingin dengan PSSI akhirnya liga perdana LPI telah berlangsung sore hari sabtu 8 januari 2010 dengan kemenangan Persema 5-1 atas Solo FC yang ditayangkan oleh salah satu station Televisi swasta yang dihadiri juga oleh Anas Purbaningrum dan pencetus LPI Arifin Panigoro serta ribuan penontonya.

Menurut Ketua Umum Persis Solo, Rudy Hadiatmo, dengan hadirnya Solo FC di di kota ini akan memeriahkan persepakbolaan nasional di Tanah Air. “Semakin banyak kompetisi digelar di Solo akan menguntungan kota ini muncul pemain nasional, dan bahkan PSSI juga akan lebih maju dalam persepakbolaan,” katanya.

Mungkin inilah moment tepat yang dipilih LPI dalam merealisasikan hajatnya setelah uforia piala AFC kemarin yang begitu gegap gempita dan belum pernah terjadi dalam sejarah persepakbolaan Indonesia. Dimana hampir seluruh rakyat Indonesia menyaksikan pertandingan tersebut walaupun tidak dapat memboyong piala AFC kepangkuan Indonesia. Namun begitu masyarakat mungkin setuju apabila permainan timnas Indonesia bermain semakin baik dan tidak mengecewakan.

Kita berharap dengan adanya liga tandingan seperti LPI dapat meningkatkan kualitas para pemain Indonesia khususnya menjadi lebih baik, agar dikemudian hari dapat mencetak dan mengharumkan nama Merah Putih kedunia Internasional. Terlepas adanya polemik yang sedang terjadi hendaknya Merah Putih hendaknya menjadi harga mati tidak dipolitisasi untuk kepentingan perorangan ataupun golongan.

Bravo Indonesia Maju terus sepak bola Indonesia…!!!!!!!!

Nyengir Kebacut


Tidak semua orang memiliki kekuatan dalam bersabar, seringkali masalah yang timbul terbengkalai karena ketidak tahuan akan kemalasan berpikir mencari solusi dan bertindak mengusahakan “problem solving” yang sudah tersedia. Mau tidak mau atau bahkan harus dipaksakan manusia harus mampu memperbaiki kelakuannya dalam kehidupan yang serba bergerak ini. Pribadi-pribadi yang malas yang menggantungkan hidupnya terhadap “hujan emas” tanpa ada pemberdayaan diri hanya akan menjadi “sampah-sampah” yang makin menggunung.

Silahkan anda bermimpi, silahkan saudara bercita-cita hanya pribadi yang kuatlah yang sanggup mewujudkannya dan jangan berharap kebahagiaan, kesenangan, terkabulnya sebuah doa akan datang, apabila berkarya dan memberdayakan semua potensi yang TUHAN telah anugerahkan tidak dipergunakan. Jadilah pribadi yang bersahaja akan seluruh liku-liku yang tercipta, Perasaan sedih dan sebaliknya timbul dari sekian banyak pemikiran yang datang kedalam diri anda seiring umur yang tersedia, hanya anda yang “berkuasa mencipta dan memilih”.  “Sulit” memang, tapi itulah kehidupan, anda terlahirpun sudah menyulitkan “orang tua” sekian lama. Duduk manis berkhayal hidup yang bahagia atau seolah mendikte TUHAN…oh TUHAN aku ingin hidup seperti ini dan itu yang menurut kita baik, tanpa bergerak berusaha memberdayakan semua potensi yang tersedia adalah sifat MALAS yg sejati. Berhasil dan Tidak Senang Susah ada dalam diri anda, Baik menurut kita belum tentu Baik untuk kita…….“welah piye to kang”


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Trah Majapahit Journal

Blog ini berisi tentang lelaku sejarah kehidupan yang mencoba untuk dituliskan agar dapat bermanfaat sebagai pelajaran untuk kita bersama

Jumat, 2008 November 28

sumbangan dari sdr. Agus S. Djamil, semoga amal anda dibalas oleh Tuhan YME

By 1961, Keynes predictions of a world monetary crisis began to become a reality. This problem was brought about by the lack of sufficient currency (especially US Dollars) in world circulation to support the rapidly expanding international commerce. The World needed US Dollars beyond the capacity of the good faith and credit of the United States Taxpayer in order to facilitate trade. It was not possible to break the Bretton Woods treaty due to the possible damage of the stable core of the world’s economy as this had the potential of leading to another major war. To compound the problem, the majority of dollars in circulation were in private banks, multinational corporations, private businesses and individual bank accounts.

In 1963 the gold that had been entrusted to the care of President Soekarno was recalled by the Nations to underpin the issuance of further US Dollars in order to further facilitate international trade. Under this Agreement, Soekarno (as the International Trustee Holder of the Gold) began the process of repositioning the gold that had earlier been entrusted to the care of the Indonesian People, back into the banking system to create a fractional backing for the US Dollar. Initially this was managed under the arbitration of the Tripartite Gold Commission in The Hague as per the decisions of the International Community through their Government representatives at the Innsbruck/Schweitze r Conference and its later revisions. Under the agreement signed between President Soekarno and President John Kennedy, was that control of these assets would cede automatically to US upon the fall from power of President Soekarno. This occurred in 1967. The potential of this agreement led to Executive Order 11110 issued July 1963, which would have provided the Department of the Treasury the power to issue United States Dollars. Within two weeks after signing the Green Hilton Agreement which would have then enabled consolidation of EO 11110. Kennedy was assassinated a few days after his signing of the Green Hilton Agreement. With the death of Kennedy, the authority granted to the Treasury was never taken up.

Soekarno was awarded a 2.5% interest in the assets by the International Community in return for his services. He willed all the documents of guarantee and obligation to his Teacher ***** ***** ******** and his heir,
** **** *** ********.

To this day, these agreements stand to be honoured (which was accommodated in full under the “RESPECTING THE RIGHTS TREATY (BANGKOK) 2003). The assets were placed into the International Collateral Combined Accounts that form the Global Debt Facility.
While an apparently innocuous document to read, in it’s proper and full interpretation, The Green Hilton Agreement is one of the most profound agreements made between Presidents of any two countries within the twentieth century, and most probably, in the history of the world, particularly so as this agreement was made between a President of the United States and the Trustee of the hidden, but combined wealth of the world. These assets are not the property of the United States, but centralized assets under the authority of a centralized system, to be used as independently deemed to be for the better benefit of the World.

SOURCE: http://lisnosetiawan.blogspot.com/2008/11/green-hilton-agreement-geneva-1963.html

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From: PZ
To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 3:56 AM
Subject: Wanta Fraud and Whistleblower

*Regarding: Wanta Fraud and Mr. Whistleblower*

FROM: Mr. Whistleblower
TO: bellringer@fourwinds10.com
SENT: Tuesday, Mardch 04, 2008 11:56 p.m.
SUBJECT: Wanta Fraud
Regardless if one agrees with the account given by Mr. Whistleblower,  there is one sentence which fails to connect to the other parts of the  story. He writes:
“At the same time, and there are two prominent points here, successive  US Governments from 1963, following the execution of the *Green Hilton  Treaty by President Kennedy and President Soekarno* (Note: Kennedy was assassinated 10 days after the signing of this Treaty), refused to recognise the Combined International Accounts and the Green Hilton Treaty.”
As I have seen the Green Hilton Treaty (full title: Agreement Green  Hilton Memorial Building Geneve and Certificate of Geneve, signed by 3  persons, witnessed by 9 persons) some years back, I am wondering what  the connection between the Wanta case and the Green Hilton Treaty might  be? Can you forward my question to Mr. Whistleblower and act as a  go-between for his replay?
Thanks and best regards
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From: Whistleblower
To: Bellringer
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Wanta Fraud and Whistleblower

Dear Mr Bellringer,
In response to the question from PZ.
Dear PZ:
Thank you for your question via fourwinds10.com. Our response on same follows:
The comments in question do not relate directly to the other content. They are meant to clearly indicate that the US, by not recognizing the Green Hilton Treaty, actually deny that the assets held by President Soekarno are part of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, thus implying that they still belong to the original Owners (hereditary or otherwise).
The fact is that assets held by Soekarno were not owned by Indonesia, its’ numerous Sultanates, or otherwise, but by several other countries, Royal Families, etc. which were deposited in Indonesia commencing 1921, which is the very same period as assets were deposited in The Philippines.
It was the Japanese who were charged by the World’s Nations to undertake the excavation of tunnels, mines, bunkers, etc, and deposit assets within same as and when then were shipped to Indonesia.
It is common knowledge that over the years the US has deliberately broadcast over the Airwaves, that they are the real owners and that anyone locating or finding any assets should report same to the US Embassy immediately. This was a ploy by the US to locate assets and ultimately steal them. Not recognizing the Green Hilton Treaty, which was relevant to Indonesia and President Soekarno, allowed the US to lay claim to the assets and thus steal / plunder them for their own purpose.
Additionally, the US, by its denials and non-recognition of the Green Hilton Treaty, opened the doors for descendants of  President Soekarno, plus many others who were appointed as Secondary Holders, Administrators, Sub-secondary Holders / Custodians etc by President Soekarno (Note: we hold a full list of these people, which is embodied within President Soekarno’s records, Volume 4), to lay claim to the assets held in Indonesia.
The very same situation arises with The Philippines and other countries. In Russia alone, during the Yeltsin era, President Clinton claimed that the Gold deposited in Russia was actually owned by the US. Thousands of MT of Gold were moved out of Russia by train into Switzerland and Germany, under orders of President Yeltsin.
This movement was monitored and President Yeltsin was held to order on this. His condition to step down from the Presidency of the Russian Federation, entailed a Full International Immunity from prosecution for his criminal acts of Theft of Assets from the Collateral Accounts in conjunction with others (These acts are beginning to come back and bite the other persons involved quite viciously).
Coming back to the point of issue. The statement was made as an example to indicate the tactics used by the US to steal, illegally use, plunder, etc the assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts. The example was considered to be the best possible example as it linked to a situation in the US which is still questionable today. Other examples could not be used as much as this, and corrective actions against such illegal use, abuse, theft etc, are all “Classified”.
In respect of your statement claiming you have seen the Green Hilton Treaty. We do not dispute your claim on this, but advise as to caution. The reason being is that there are at least Three (3) known forgeries of this Treaty in existence. There may be more. All differ from each other and all of them do lead to confusion with those who make claims of having read the Treaty.
It is not known who composed any of the forgeries, although guesses are abound.
The “Real” Treaty states, that an agreement has been reached, and shall be referred to as a “Treaty” between Sovereign Nations, by the President of the United States and the President of Indonesia, that Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts pursuant to Treaties …….(numerous Treaties referred to)……. and held under Custodianship within Indonesia, shall be transferred to ………(Name of location in the USA)………and utilized by the USA to fractionally back the International Currency of the US Dollar.  Note, the content of the treaty actually states several further issues, but the above is the main issue.
In return for President Soekarno’s cooperation in this matter, conjointly with the Owner / Sole Arbiter, Indonesia were given financial Hereditary rights equal to 2.5% of the value of the assets, to be used within Indonesia to assist in the development of the country.
Those rights and with full reference to the Green Hilton Treaty were confirmed within the “Recognizing the Rights” Treaty, Bangkok, Thailand, dated 2003.
You will also find reference to all of this within various Schweitzer / Innsbruck Conventions.
Needless to say, the assets have yet to be used for the benefit of Indonesia. Some have been moved illegally, some stolen / plundered, but basically the two aforementioned Treaties remain ineffective and unrecognized by the US, whom, through the Federal Reserve prevent movement, allotment, allocation, or otherwise of same for use not only for Indonesia, but for every other country in the World and the People.
Many Indonesians, as with Filipinos, travel the World holding various Gold and Platinum Bullion Certificates, claiming they are the owners of the Bullion, only to be arrested and incarcerated. This will continue until the Truth comes out.
There is no direct connection to the Wanta case, as may or may not have been implied. The statement was used as an example to indicate to others what mechanisms are used by the US and others to illegal use, steal, plunder, etc, assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts.
We apologise if this lead to a misunderstanding, as we did not purposely or intentionally design this statement to be misleading.
There are many factors connected to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, illegal activities, theft, plunder, etc that are all inter-related in one way or another whereby to isolate one issue away from all the others is not easy. To understand the enormity of the situation one has to understand the whole picture and appreciate the relativity of one part to other parts.
We do not purposely or intentionally restrict illegal activities to the US, although the US is responsible for a substantial majority of the problems involved. Other Countries, Central Banks, Rogue elements of Intelligence Agencies, Commercial Banks, individuals, have also been active in the area of Theft, Plunder, Illegal use.
We hope that this has satisfactory explained the statement we have made, and we thank you for your interest in same. Please feel free to seek further answers should you find the need to do so.
Kindest regards.

Ramalan Kedelapan Jayabaya

Menyongsong Ramalan Kedelapan Jayabaya
Ditulis Oleh Sujiwo Tejo
Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Image Kejayaan Nusantara Muncul pada 2012 SAYA yakin tak lama lagi Nusantara kembali berjaya. Ramalan ke-8 Jayabaya tentang kembalinya Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong akan terwujud sebentar lagi. Dua makhluk gaib yang kemunculannya dipercaya menandai kejayaan Nusantara itu mungkin keluar sekitar 2012.

Ini kalau kita klop-klopkan prakiraan rekan-rekan peminat dunia paranormal tanah air dan suku Maya. Kisaran kemunculan makhluk gaib itu pada 2012-2016. Sementara peristiwa besar dunia yang sudah diramalkan suku Maya adalah kiamat pada 21 Desember 2012. Ramalan suku bangsa ahli perbintangan yang hidup di selatan Meksiko itu mengguncang dunia ilmiah tahun lalu karena tanda-tandanya juga mulai terbaca oleh ilmu pengetahuan.

Ramalan ke-8 Jayabaya kita yakini akan terjadi dalam waktu singkat jika peristiwa nyata akhir-akhir ini kita lihat sebagai pertanda. Misalnya, gerakan rakyat mengumpulkan koin solidaritas buat Prita Mulyasari juga kita yakini sebagai pertanda awal terjadinya ramalan ke-7 Jayabaya, yaitu Tikus pithi anoto baris. Dengan kata lain, terjadi barisan pemberontakan rakyat dari berbagai penjuru Nusantara.

Misalnya, gejolak di berbagai daerah yang nyaris rata di Nusantara atas kacaunya daftar pemilih tetap pada pemilu lalu, gerakan sejuta Facebooker untuk mendukung Bibit dan Chandra. Kemudian gerakan nyaris semiliar koin buat Prita, meratanya demo nasabah kasus Bank Century, dan terperangahnya masyarakat atas terbitnya buku Gurita Cikeas karya George Junus Aditjondro…. Semua itu kalau diibaratkan musik adalah intro bagi lagu mars.

Itulah mars barisan pemberontakan rakyat semesta. Itulah makna Tikus pithi anoto baris alias tikus pithi menata barisan. Tikus pithi adalah tikus kecil-kecil kemerahan yang bisa merubung dan menggerogoti, bahkan baju dan celana yang sedang kita pakai.


Saya yakin ramalan ke-8 Jayabaya akan terbukti tak lama setelah ramalan ketujuhnya berlangsung. Dan, saya yakin ramalan ketujuhnya terbukti karena enam ramalan sebelumnya sudah terbukti. Yaitu, Murcane Sabdo palon noyo genggong (runtuhnya Majapahit), Semut ireng anak-anak sapi (masuknya Belanda), Kebo nyabrang kali (Belanda kenyang dan hengkang), Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang (penjajahan Jepang selama 3,5 tahun sama angkanya dengan usia jagung 3,5 bulan), Pitik tarung sak kandhang (perang saudara di zaman Bung Karno), dan Kodok ijo ongkang-ongkang (tentara berkuasa di era Soeharto).

Bagi yang tak percaya nubuat, nujum, atau ramalan, baiklah saya sampaikan pesan dari para sejarawan. Mereka mengingatkan kita, setiap tempat memiliki siklus sejarahnya masing-masing. Nusantara, menurut studi mereka, memiliki cakra manggilingan alias putaran 700 tahunan. Lihatlah kisaran 2012 adalah 700 tahunan waktu dari kejayaan Majapahit, dan dua kali 700 tahunan dari kejayaan Sriwijaya.

Bagi yang tak percaya klenik, terawangan alias ”penglihatan”, baiklah juga saya sampaikan pesan dari dunia ilmiah, yakni fisika modern temuan abad ke-20. Bahwa chaos alias kekacauan akan terdorong ke arah chaos lebih lanjut sampai akhirnya ke puncak chaos. Di dalam puncak chaos itulah nanti terkandung energi internal yang mendorong keadaan kembali normal.

Pertanyaan saya, kurang chaos bagaimana lagi keadaan sekarang? Dan sekarang bukankah keadaan chaos itu tampak makin mengarah pada chaos lanjutan? Pada puncak chaos nanti, tak diperlukan lagi energi eksternal -misalnya campur tangan Amerika dan negara-negara asing lain- untuk mengembalikan keadaan menjadi normal. Pengembalian pada keadaaan normal akan terdorong dengan sendirinya oleh energi internal. Dan, kekuatan energi internal itulah yang sebenarnya menjadi landasan keyakinan orang banyak yang tak pernah luntur, yakni akan munculnya Satriya Piningit.


Saya yakin ramalan ke-8 Jayabaya segera terwujud karena tanda-tanda yang diisyaratkan rekan-rekan dari dunia paranormal cocok dengan orang-orang dari dunia ilmiah. Sebagai pendukung ramalan Jayabaya dari abad ke-11, ramalan Ronggowarsito sekitar 1,5 abad sebelum ditemukan teori chaos fisika modern, juga sesuai dengan prinsip-prinsip teori chaos.

Awal chaos adalah zaman Kalatida, zaman kekacauan pribadi-pribadi, sudah ditunjukkan setidaknya sejak era Soeharto yang berlanjut hingga era reformasi dan kemudian ditandai kacaunya penyelenggaraan Pemilu 2009. Chaos tersebut berlanjut ke ambang puncak chaos, yakni zaman Kalabendu, zaman kekacauan kolektif yang menyebabkan antara lain masyarakat tergugah meresponsnya dengan gerakan sejuta Facebookers untuk Bibit-Chandra atau pengumpulan koin untuk Prita.

Setelah Kalatida dan Kalabendu serta energi internal yang terkandung dalam Kalabendu cocok dengan teori chaos, Ronggowarsito jauh sebelum teori chaos ditemukan sudah meramalkan Kalasuba, zaman kesejahteraan setelah kita melewati Kalatida yang selanjutnya memuncak ke Kalabendu.

Saya yakin zaman Kalasuba akan muncul di Nusantara. Buku Prof Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found terbitan 2005, menunjukkan bahwa kerajaan Atlantik yang pernah berjaya dan sampai sekarang masih misterius bisa jadi tempatnya tidak di mana-mana, melainkan ya… Nusantara ini.

Temuan pakar Amerika Latin yang terjemahan Indonesianya terbit Desember 2009 itu seakan memperkukuh studi kurang lebih 30 tahun Dennys Lombard melalui bukunya Nusa Jawa: Silang Budaya. Lombard, antropolog Prancis, menggarisbawahi secara lebih detail dan meyakinkan soal betapa istimewanya kedudukan Nusantara dahulu, sekarang, maupun -seharusnya- di masa yang akan datang.

Dan izinkan saya untuk selalu yakin pada harapan itu. (*)


Sujiwo Tejo